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Hello, I’m Pamela, and after a road of interesting twists and turns, I want to extend a warm welcome to our new website and the relaunch of Summers Sprouted Flour. It has been an interesting process, however my strong connection to the product kept me focused, despite the challenges of the COVID pandemic. I was able to perfect the company’s original sprouting process, and renew my dedication to installing the same product standards that were the cornerstone to the company’s initial success in the early 2000’s.

As a special limited promotion during our relaunch, we are offering our founder’s (Shelley Summers) digital book, ‘Creating Heaven Through Your Plate’, complementary when you sign up for our mailing list.

Her book narrates the ‘Creating Heaven Through Your Plate’ approach, which was developed by her client research, and has several types of cleansing diets, information on foods and their effect on health, as well as, her own unique insights gained through her work.

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“Creating Heaven in our lives is our birthright. Physical bodies taught me that they have to feel light and healthy so we can use them as a base for creating Heaven in our lives. I mean, when you feel GOOD, you see life from a different point of view.

Creating Heaven Through Your Plate is an approach that works with your body by feeding it the easiest-to-digest foods along with food supplements. This creates an environment in the body that allows it to redirect its energy, focus and nutrients. Bodies are so intelligent! When you create this balanced environment, they just start healing themselves because they know what to fix and how to fix it. So now you need a guide to help you change your overall approach to health and food. And yet do it in a way that doesn’t turn your life upside down.

In my personal search for health back in the 70’s, I did what many of you did. For years I read every new nutrition book that hit the marketplace. And like many of you, I found alot of information and alot of confusion!!!”

Needless to say, sprouted grains/flours were found to be an easy to digest alternative to the unsprouted counterpart.

I’m looking forward to offering many of the same foundational organic sprouted flours and hot cereals, as well as, introducing new varieties – be on the lookout for new sprouted flours being added to our store in the new couple of weeks. In the meantime, feel free to browse our new website, which has some new recipes, and if you want to go back in time, our original recipes, too. You can also see what we’re up to on our facebook page.

Best Regards,
Pamela, Summers Sprouted Flour



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