Our Standards

We are dedicated to producing the highest quality products possible, and follow a number of importance guidelines throughout the production of our sprouted flours and cereals.

Some of our policies


We require a quality of raw grain that is considered ‘very high’ by the grain distributors we work with. We only use 100% certified Organic grains, and where we can, we deal directly with the farmers. Otherwise, we deal with respected organic grain distributors.


We do not grind our flour and cereals ‘ahead’ and store it in that form, we only grind per order to provide customers with an optimal level of freshness.

As a major aspect of our company, cleanliness of our grains, is a strong concern. Thus, we examine and test ‘sprout’ grain lots before we contract for them to be held for our future use, and reject numerous lots because of problems we find – all of this effort results in a high-quality product.

Shelley Summers
Summer Sprouted Flour

Date Coding:

Even though sprouted flour is perishable, there are no regulations for ‘date coding’ it. However, we have implemented our own ‘date coding’. If you will note the lot numbers listed on the nutritional facts label, you will see seven numbers. The first 3 numbers refer to the in-house lot number that the grain came from. The last four numbers are the month and day that the flour was ground and packed.

Shelf Life and Storage:

Sprouted Flours are perishable, fresh foods, and they have oils that can go rancid and over time, while their vitamins and minerals can deteriorate. Our flours should be stored in air-tight glass or plastic containers in a cool, dark place, refrigerator or freezer. You can expect your flours and cereals to be fine for months: in a cool, dark place for 3+ months, in the fridge for 5+ months and in the freezer for 7+ months. We recommend storing in the fridge or freezer to maximize freshness.

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