Summers Sprouted Flour was founded by Shelley Summers, in 2001, in Mountainair, New Mexico. Yet, it was in 1977 that Shelley, a nutritional counselor, embarked upon her sprouted flour odyssey, and the significance of sprouted grains became apparent through her work. She continuously saw a need for sprouted grains in her clients, which led her to write and publish Creating Heaven Through Your Plate, a nutritional guidebook in 1996. Soon thereafter, Shelley realized the marketplace lacked high quality, sprouted foods and decided to take on the task of launching sprouted flours to the public. Guided by her innate knowledge of sprouted grains, dedication to her clients, and heart based passion; she began developing a proprietary sprouting process to yield the best possible sprouted flour, and started work on the mill. Hence, in 2001, Summers Sprouted Flour was born, introducing organic sprouted spelt to the market, the company’s flagship product. In the following years, organic sprouted wheat (2002), rye (2004) and kamut (2007) were introduced, along with a recipe database that was created to provide healthy, flavorful sprouted flour recipes to her growing number of satisfied customers. However, in 2008, a forest fire devastated her house in the mountains, and her life-path changed.

In 2013, she was approached by a sprouted flour follower/enthusiast to restart the business. Thus, with the guidance of Shelley, the company’s reintroduction process was initiated. The current company team is committed to providing the same product quality and sprouting standards, as developed by Shelley, who currently serves as advisor to the company. Summers Sprouted Flour Company, Inc. will be opening in 2017, offering organic sprouted spelt, wheat, rye and kamut.

Shelley - Founder

Building the Mill

Milling Organic Sprouted Flour since 2001